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Anyone who wants to commiserate with my ordeal today, or indeed, laugh and point, can join me tomorrow on the Bristol Pride Cycle with Pride cycling wossname somewhere on the triangle formed by the Arnolfini, Pill and, well, the Failand Triangle. Where I may well mysteriously disappear. I’ll be there unless I’m not.
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I’m suffering a lot less than I expected.

Yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of the extraordinarily poor planning that allowed a clear, sunny day to coincide with Bristol Harbour Festival, I went out on my bike further than the farm shop just outside the village for the first time in [mumble] months. If Google is to be believed, an 18-mile round trip to the far end of the nasty riverside housing estate in St Annes and back. Nearly all on the flat, it has to be said (apart from a brief diversion by the floating harbour through the heaving crowds of the festival, I followed the river), but, on the way back, I got my old and creaking bones up the hill from Kennel Lodge Road to the Ashton Court car park without stopping, which quite surprised me.

What else? Before, our new Zywall dual-WAN router and firewall arrived a day late (distie fuckup) to replace the old Sonicwall (dead) and Cyclone (dying). I installed it and [ profile] ramtops configured it, and it’s working a treat; noticeably quicker than the previous setup even when it was working properly.

After, I read another wodge of HP7 then cooked: improvised Indian-style something to use the last tub of frozen pre-cooked mince+beans+carrots+onions, an experiment in pre-preparation that we won’t repeat as it’s as much work to get the stuff to taste of anything as cooking everything from scratch. In the unlikely event of anyone being interested, I’ve written up what I did on [ profile] nibblous.

Waiting for the Jekyll finale, we rewatched the pilot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip now it’s turned up on terrestrial. We weren’t impressed first time round, but thoroughly enjoyed it last night: pure Sorkin, of course, with lots of familiar faces in cast and names in crew; derivative and predictable, but fun.

I won’t say much about Jekyll, out of consideration, like, but Moff has pulled a blinder with this. As full of holes as a thing full of holes, of course, but still some of the best, most stylish and wittiest television I’ve seen for years. [ profile] ramtops and I both kicked ourselves for not seeing the final twist coming. My hope is that the BBC resists the temptation to make the obvious followup series: some things (many things) are best left, but TV companies are as good at ignoring that as they are at killing series that should continue mid-season.


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