Mar. 16th, 2010

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My MP has a history of ignoring her constituents and their issues almost as consistent as her voting record in Parliament, but still…
Dear Diana Johnson,

I write to you with some urgency, to ask you as my representative in Parliament to make representations to the Ministers and officials concerned with the progress of the Digital Economy Bill to, at a minimum, incorporate into the legislation the rejected amendments opposition Lords attempted to introduce for its Third Reading.

This egregious piece of legislation contains no significant checks and balances, and little regard for anything resembling due process. Leaving aside that it will in any case fail to achieve its stated purpose, it will place an unsupportable burden on Internet Service Providers (already suffering from vanishing margins), and will result in a chilling effect on innovation and international competitiveness in Internet-based business (which today means virtually all business). The operation of shared Internet access facilities will become impossible, whether in libraries, bars or in community-supporting social enterprises like Bristol Wireless (see; the societal costs of the Bill would far outweigh its intended benefits, even were they to be achieved.

Yours sincerely,

Pete Jordan
If you care at all about democracy, and its latest hijack by business interests (see this post as a useful starting point, from a lawyer who likely knows more about these issues than the entire Government front bench), please do the same.


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