Mar. 9th, 2011

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In March 2011 I live and work in this house on Belvoir Street in Hull with [personal profile] ramtops and five cats.

In March 2001 I lived in Long Ashton, just outside Bristol, coming up to two years after [personal profile] ramtops and I got married, with IIRC fournine¹ cats, two of whom (Iggy and Mustrum) are here with us now. Complaining. The other two are living with Mac's daughter in Norwich now.

In March 1991 I lived in a house on Duesbery Street in Hull with my then partner Julia and our daughter Rhiannon.

In March 1981 I was living in a friend's flat in Ash Grove, Hull. We, along with our friend Chris, were filling in census forms under the influence of Albert Hoffman and on behalf of one Eric Pode of Croydon.

In March 1971 I was living with my parents in Worthing. The less said about that the better.

¹ Mac corrected me on this one - I lose track of time too easily! Sadly, the five I thought arrived after the 2001 census are all gone now: of the Yorkshire Three, Molly is (I hope) still alive and in total control of her current home, but Zool and Aliss are dead. As is Pepper and, we can only assume, PoD who vanished one day, never to return.


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