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I’ve been remiss in not posting on the Alisher Usmanov inspired blog takedown by Fasthosts, triggered by threats from Usmanov’s solicitors, Schillings.

Amongst the blogs affected:
Craig Murray
Tim Ireland (back soon)
Clive Summerfield
Bob Piper (back now)
Boris Johnson (back now)

The continuing saga is documented at Chicken Yoghurt.

Tim Ireland has a special blog set up (outside the UK!) for what’s happened and its consequences; Chris Applegate writes about a personal dilemma, as a Wikipedia admin monitoring Usmanov’s entry; Ministry of Truth has an interesting piece on uk libel law.

[ ETA a link to the timeline of events ]
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Via [ profile] diablochicken, I find that the fine citizens of Marshall, Missouri are complaining about feelthie peectures in a couple of graphic novels their library board had the temerity to purchase.

Same old same old, of course. I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning it but for one quote from a Concerned Citizen that just sums the whole thing up:
“It’s not a matter of censorship,” John Raines of Marshall said, “but a matter of looking out for our kids.”
Well, that’s all right then; after all, the worst might happen:
“I don’t want seedy people coming into the library and moving into our community,” Aulgur said.

ETA: and TheBeat informs us that a Texan family want Fahrenheit 451 removed from their daughter’s school curriculum. Because of the cussin’ and the Bible burning (do they think it’s in favour of book burning?). Oh, and because of the firemen (eh?). That the book was assigned by the school, apparently coincidentally, during Banned Books Week is an irony that may escape the family...
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nice deconstruction of The Times channeling the Home Office on Part III of RIPA, which would give the state the power to demand people hand over their private keys.

ETA: and ORG links to another Times article telling us that the BBFC wants to start censoringclassifying content on the net. How are they going to do that then, Ted?
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[ profile] nerdware pointed me at Amnesty International‘s campaign. If you give a fuck about freedom (and if you don’t, what are you doing here?), go sign their pledge and, if you’ve got a non-LJ web site you can stuff a fragment of javascript code upon, add a fragment of text that someone, somewhere doesn’t want people to read onto your pages.

Can’t demo here, because of LJ’s security filtering, but you can see an example on my personal home page.


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