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Belatedly, I had an appointment at BRI for an ultrasound scan of my carotid arteries by the Vascular Studies Unit yesterday; the neurologist reckoned the check was worthwhile as it’s possible my symptoms were caused by blood starvation to my brain(?) from constricted arterial flow.

Turns out my blood flow is just fine, which is good to know, I suppose; the downside is that it’s another alternative to MS excluded. Still, yer gotter larf, intcher?

Upcoming: electrodiagnosis of my visual function at the Electrophysiology Department on 19th December and, in a spirit of urgency, another appointment with the good Dr Ormerod at the Eye Hospital on... 26th July 2007. Hopefully, all the results from my bloods will be back in by then.
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Well, the neurologist seemed a decent enough chap; at least he didn’t pretend to any knowledge, let alone certainties, that he didn’t have. His general approach was that my Event most likely was MS-related, but that it could also have another cause and could they do some more tests on me?

I turned down the lumbar puncture he offered - there’s no way I’m having one of those unless it’s absolutely necessary. He wasn’t pushing it in any case; it was more in case I was looking for potentially greater certainty of whatever nerve related horrors that might turn up. As [ profile] ramtops pointed out, even if I had the thing and it turned out to up my probability-of-MS from 50ish% to, whatever, 80%, there’s still fuck all they can do about it.

I consented to the other tests: circulatory tests in my carotid arteries (it seems that stenosis thereabouts could be an alternative cause) and some flashing lights / optic nerve datatap thang to get more data on the state of my myelin sheaths (both to be dealt with at BRI when they fit me in for an appointment), and bloods, to be done straight away by a nurse. Five vials full he took, whilst chatting to me about web development and Tony Hancock, for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid and Other Things I cannot recall. [ profile] ramtops did the Hancock joke too when I emerged.

So, more waiting: the doctor said he’d write as each set of results came in, and then call me in for yet another appointment when they’re all in his paws. This will be some time well into 2007 by the probabilities, so I’ll just carry on carrying on largely as though nothing had happened in the mean time.

five days

Jul. 5th, 2005 12:28 pm
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Prompted by a dying scream, I've just watched Lilith toss, behead and consume (most of) a mouse. The crunch of tiny bones; the blood stains on the carpet... Its few remains are now interred in a bag awaiting final disposal along with the mouse (entire, decaying) that I extracted from under our bed after it made its presence known one morning and the rat and the frog from the living room floor. The dead toad on the patio I've left there though, at least for now.

Not a bad tally for the last five days. I thought the corpse count had been low this year; they've clearly just been waiting for Solstice to pass.


Jun. 16th, 2005 09:48 pm
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Originally uploaded by perlmonger.
distended with blood, and flipped over onto its back on a book (sorry [ profile] ianmcdonald, but it's what I'm reading and it was handy); it detached itself from Iggy, having presumably had its fill, only to end up splatted on the patio steps, next to the gobbets of the local population of exploded molluscs.


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