Oct. 7th, 2008 06:13 pm
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Many thanks to everyone who's posted sympathies and thoughts for our losing Bada, here, on [ profile] ramtops' LJ, on the the cats' blog, on my Facebook, on IRC, and in real life.

I'm not having what you could call the happiest of birthdays today, but you've all helped as much as any help other than the passing of time can do. Life (and its inevitable end) will continue, but can we please not lose any more of our tribe quite yet, please?
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RIP Liessa, Bada Ning; I held her this evening as she died, maybe two seconds after the vet injected her. After a good night and optimistic morning, she had deteriorated all day, bringing up food and with her ulcerated tongue getting worse, there seemed little chance she'd last the night, let alone recover.

She had a joyous, if far too short, life; we gave her the last gift we were able to: an end to her suffering.

Goodbye Bada, I'll miss you.
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We visited Bada at the vet hospital this afternoon, after her emergency admission yesterday. No certainties yet, but she survived the night, which was very much in doubt, and is at least out of her oxygen tent and on nasally administered food as well as intravenous saline and antibiotics.

I like to think that she was aware of who I was when I gave her a gentle skritch; she lifted and turned her head to accommodate my finger, but that could as well be an automatic reaction. All we can really do now is wait, and worry, and hope that we don't get phoned before we get in touch tomorrow afternoon for another visit.

It was my bad judgement call last week that, while it didn't cause her illness, likely made its development worse. Which, frankly, makes me feel like shit, but bad decisions can't be undone, only learned from, and I hope that I have.


In an attempt at finding a lighter tone (or at least one in more questionable taste), would I be alone in feeling just slightly disturbed by the sight, driving home, of a passing van labelled "D & C Snacks"?


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