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things can only get better (1)
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I have! been absorbed!

It’s the end! of an era! - the deadline! is the 20th, so today! I’ve finally! merged! my old! skool flickr! account!

In other! news! last night was the annual! LibDeb sossidge’n’mash and quiz! (that’s enough exclamations!) night, wherein [ profile] ramtops and I ran the bar, as we did last year. The night went very well, I think, though the quiz suffered from the usual (current affairs)==(incomprehensible celebrity shite that we know not wot of). Today we return the unsold wine and boxes of glasses to the Tipple and, later this afternoon, join a FUG posse to check, map and photograph the dodgy bits of the North East corner of the LA footpath network between the Park’n’Ride and Brissle.


Jul. 24th, 2006 10:20 pm
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Mike Visceglia
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[ profile] ramtops and I got home from Trowbridge festival this morning, where we had a pretty damned wonderful time, some of it in the company of [ profile] gmul and [ profile] purple_peril. You can find photos here.

We returned home to:

1) sundry organic deposits scattered around the house, being the gift of the Tribe

2) a server that conveniently chose to go sideways just as we arrived back

3) a tomato plant that had clearly had a not inconsiderable mass deposited upon it, flattening it and rendering about half the branches detached or semi-detached from its root system (see item 1)

I’m going to bed now.


Oct. 8th, 2005 02:34 pm
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knautia and ramtops, aslant
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Bristol flickr meet last night, at the Bell off Jamaica Street. On my birthday it was, too, and I certainly had a good time.

I think there must have been something wrong with the beer though, as I feel distinctlyblurrily unwell today. Fragile, even.

Oh well. Chickie shoop for lunch has helped a bit; the Dexter sirloin steaks thawing in the kitchen meat safe should complete the job tonight.
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golden-eyed judgement
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“How he hated that small Asian face, those clean good looks. He had never known anyone—man, woman or animal—who was so attractive and yet so evil.”
[Miguel Rosas in Across Realtime]

Sometimes, when re-reading a book, a passage leaps out and grabs you by the metaphorical throat in a way that, other than by some nightmare precognition, it couldn't have first time round.

That happened to me last night. This morning I was compelled to go back and add a caption to this photo on my flickr account…


Jun. 16th, 2005 09:48 pm
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distended with blood, and flipped over onto its back on a book (sorry [ profile] ianmcdonald, but it's what I'm reading and it was handy); it detached itself from Iggy, having presumably had its fill, only to end up splatted on the patio steps, next to the gobbets of the local population of exploded molluscs.


Jun. 12th, 2005 11:55 am
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I was cleaning the cathair and grit from my mouse innards when [ profile] ramtops offered me her USB optical rodent, as the Apple mouse will do her fine on the very rare occasions she doesn't use her artpad.

So. Time to venture under my desk for cable surgery.

This is what I found lurking in the far corner... For reference, the pillar is ¾" in diameter. Sorry about the blurredness; the Pro90's autofocus doesn't in low light (and neither does its LCD viewfinder), so this is the best of a bunch of full manual shots, prefocussed in relative daylight, pointed through the cable-strewn gap behind my computer, and with the flash partially blocked by my fingers else the image was overexposed.


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