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I had my restart interviewspeed choice workshop on Friday; ten eval skunnerz and two... leaders? presenters? indoctrinators? I’m not sure what to call them.

It was all quite civilised; a nice mixture of real information, dodgy statistics and emotional blackmail. I regret to write that I was a bit Difficult, pointing out logical failures in arguments advanced and failing to accept that mechanical enforcement of arbitrary speed limits is a substitute for traffic police with judgement and the ability to perceive other failure modes in driving. Another chap there does safety work for the AA and likewise pointed out factual errors in the presentation.

It’s not as though I’m against speed limits or, indeed, traffic cameras in principle; my objection is to the unquestionable assumption that breaking the law is intrinsically dangerous (in safety terms, as opposed to just being prosecuted) without regard to circumstance. If it’s possible to recognise that it can be, often is, dangerous to drive at anything approaching the limit, why is it so hard to accept that there might be times when going faster is acceptably safe?

I suppose I need to develop some respect for the law...

[wanders off muttering about people who fear life so much that they can’t accept the existence of any risk or danger, and somehow manage to believe that it’s possible (never mind about desirable) to legislate total safety, and at any cost. Life is intrinsically risky, and WE ALL DIE; live with it]
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Well, that’s me booked in for corrective treatment of my anti-social behaviour (viz. driving at 38mph in the 30mph section of the Portway by the Park and Ride). This is out of curiosity, really, as I’ve not been offered the option before - this was, IIRC, the sixth time I’ve been prosecuted for speeding in 32 years of driving - but will, barring further misadventure, mean my licence will be point-free in a couple of months time.

The “course” is in Shirehampton so, weather permitting, I’ll turn up on my bike. Which will enable me to get home unaided if they decide I’m a Bad Sort and tear up my licence anyhow...
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We’ve just returned from a round trip to Southville (lunch, veg, green tea, G&B choccie & almond), Sainsbury (diesel, marzipan choccie bar) and Hill Road, Clevedon (Montgomery cheddar, borlotti beans, chili choccie). You may notice a pattern developing in there somewhere.

Also, I drove the entire journey; the first time I’ve driven (aside from parking a couple of times) since my optic nerve myalgic sheath went sideways. I was very stressed+nervous at first, but I seem to have got away with it without even making [ profile] ramtops scream (much). However, I’ve ended up with toe cramp in my right foot which, I suspect, is down to being a lot more tensed up than I actually realised while we were out...


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