Jun. 13th, 2008 07:20 pm
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Craig Murray reports that Chris Huhne has written to our glorious Home Secretary, asking her to reverse the ban on Sunday's anti-shrub march. I reproduce his letter here:
Dear Home Secretary,

I am writing to urgently request that you review the decision of the Metropolitan Police to ban the anti-Bush march taking place this Sunday 15 June from marching down Whitehall. As you will be aware the Stop the War Coalition have organised dozens of peaceful marches past Downing Street, and I am deeply concerned that the request has been denied.

In this country we have a long tradition of peaceful protest and I would be shocked if British civil liberties were curtailed at the request of a foreign government. I hope that you can also confirm that the decision of the Metropolitan Police was not made at the request of the US authorities.

A static demonstration in Parliament Square is no replacement for a protest march down Whitehall and I urge you to work with the police and the protesters to ensure they are able to make their voices heard outside Downing Street. Just because the votes of these protesters cannot be bought does not mean that their voices should not be heard by those in 10 Downing Street.

Kind Regards,

Chris Huhne
Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary
A good letter, I think you'll agree.

I voted for him as leader, as the lesser evil of the choices granted me by Cowley Street; it's probably my fault he lost: I've never in my life voted for a winning candidate, so I likely hexed his chances by my support.
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[ profile] nostalgia_lj has written TARDIS/GCU instafic.

It's quite sweet, really.

ION, [ profile] ramtops and I ran the bar at the annual N Somerset LibDem 'ossidge'n'mash dinner'n'quiz last night, as we have for the last few years. A good time was, I think, had by all but we both woke up with mouths that felt like Lilith had left some of her discarded Bits inside, which was deeply unfair as I drank precisely one bottle of Butcombe Gold, and Mac even less. I blame the ersatz ice cream Cornettos we were given near the end of proceedings. Chock full of Ingredients, I'm sure; toxic waste, I suspect.
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Where parents, pupils and patients are in charge of our schools and hospitals.

So no change on the Tory/NewLabor consensus on trashing and sidelining teachers, nurses and doctors, then?

That’s why I will set up a network of real families, who have nothing to do with party politics, in every region of this country to advise me on what they think should be my priorities.

That’ll be Focus Groups and a direct line to Murdoch and the Mail, then?

All this and a Trident replacement! Still, my beating heart.

Oh well, at least Conference sets policy; unless that’s due for change too?
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There are, I think, some specific reasons we did so badly in North Somerset on Thursday that we probably won’t discuss amongst ourselves, but our generally dismal showing UK-wide is another matter (the places where we did succeed will, again, likely be for local reasons - as is right and proper for local elections).

What concerns me here is why we failed (and matching votes with the Labour Party is failure), when the Tories in England, the SNP and (to a slightly lesser extent) PC did not. My suspicion, my fear, is that we lost because we lacked and lack the courage of our convictions. We elected a “safe pair of hands” as leader when that was the last thing we needed and our campaigning was driven by fear of losing and by other peoples’ agendas (lawnorder FFS!), not by principle and what we know is right and important even when that cuts right across the Establishment consensus.

Craig Murray mentions Iraq and Trident replacement and I would agree that they’re the current issues most likely to resonate with your voter-on-the-street, but I would like to see more on countering the culture of fear that the Home Office is using to push through its encroachments on liberty and the rule of law, and less mealy mouthed compromise from careerist politicians eager to be the next step in the Blair-Cameron axis of empty rhetoric.

Publicising and arguing against what’s being done to agriculture might win more votes from the Tories in rural constituencies than it loses from North London second home owners who don’t like the smell of manure, and where’s the national campaign on PFI and its legacy? As it stands, it’s easier to find reports on LibDems supporting PFI deals than mentioning the country being in hock for decades on the never-never for no better reason than creative accounting by the Treasury to pretend they’re not borrowing.

We shouldn’t be on the defensive, is all. Maybe if we weren’t, we might persuade a few more people we’re worth voting for.
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I have! been absorbed!

It’s the end! of an era! - the deadline! is the 20th, so today! I’ve finally! merged! my old! skool flickr! account!

In other! news! last night was the annual! LibDeb sossidge’n’mash and quiz! (that’s enough exclamations!) night, wherein [ profile] ramtops and I ran the bar, as we did last year. The night went very well, I think, though the quiz suffered from the usual (current affairs)==(incomprehensible celebrity shite that we know not wot of). Today we return the unsold wine and boxes of glasses to the Tipple and, later this afternoon, join a FUG posse to check, map and photograph the dodgy bits of the North East corner of the LA footpath network between the Park’n’Ride and Brissle.


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