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I wasn’t going to post anything about the current LJ madness triggered by a bunch of homophobic, racist, willfully ignorant scumbags (warning: following that link will risk your computer picking up malware), but I couldn’t not link to Hanne Blank’s open letter to LJ/SixApart as an antidote. The woman she speak sense; would that more people on this planet did so.
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I've been cursing the change in LJ, making all in-journal use the syntax. The stylesheet for my S2 layout layer has (or had) CSS3 [href^=""] entries for links to colour in-LJ links differently and it wasn't until that stopped working (other than for me and [ profile] ramtops, coded in there as special cases) that I realised how much I'd miss it.

Anyhow, turns out that Gecko, from at least the last Firefox release, also supports the CSS3 [href*=""] attribute selector syntax, so I've got my correctly coloured links back!! OMG!!! and for all LJ links now too, without any extra work.

Needless to say, neither syntax works in any released version of IE, but I care not: it's my LJ and anybody mad enough to read it who's also (differently) mad enough to use IE6 or worse will be getting a crap looking layout anyhow. I've not got round to checking Safari yet and haven't yet got any betas of IE7 running here; I'll be interested to see how they cope.


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