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My much-delayed appointment at the eye hospital was today. [ profile] ramtops and I drove in, and I had a read-the-letters-on-the-card test (there’s presumably an official name for that, but I can’t be arsed to goole for it), a field test and a chat with a brace of doctors. This was the first visit where we’ve had to wait any significant time - 15 minutes late to start, and with long delays between the three phases - but I’m more surprised there haven’t been problems before (other than the communication problem with BRI proper last June).

It seems that the field test confirmed what I had perceived; my right eyesight is a fair bit better. The improvement has been so gradual, I’ve not been sure (and it’s still not good enough for me to be able to read usefully with that eye), but it is there. Which is good.

I confirmed once more that I don’t want a lumbar puncture, and I don’t need to go back to the hospital now unless anything further goes wrong with my body: as the chap said, chances are that if I do have MS and get another episode, it’ll be something other than optic neuritis, and I’ll end up at Frenchay not the eye hospital anyhow.

We took advantage of being in town - the second half of the day was going to be a washout in any case - by splashing out on bathing products, spiced tea, underpants for me, a top for [ profile] ramtops, Cornish pasties for both of us, four DVDs and two books (Making Money, the new Pratchett, and [ profile] triciasullivan‘s Double Vision). So the trip wasn’t entirely wasted :)
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Yesterday I had my last scheduled test: electrodiagnosis of the state of the Jordan neural circuitry in an eyesight style.

I went in on the bus, leaving [ profile] ramtops at home to man the phones, and was dealt with in the prompt, efficient and friendly way I’ve come to expect from the Eye Hospital; greeted by name by the receptionist in the Electrophysiology department as I arrived, and not even having time to sit down before the tech arrived to deal with me.

Seven electrodes: two by my eyes; two further round my head; three at the back over my visual cortex. Nine tests, all involving a reversing checkerboard pattern on a 22" Iiyama whilst looking in a relaxed but unblinking way at a red square in the middle. Full screen both eyes; full screen right, then left eye; left and right half screen for each eye; full screen small checkerboard for each eye. That was it, and I guess I’ll hear from Dr Ormerod at some point after he gets the results delivered.

I’d be interested in the results myself: they might help clarify how much of what I see through my right eye is down to actual recovery in my optic nerve dielectric, and how much post-processing and interpolation in my brain.
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Belatedly, I had an appointment at BRI for an ultrasound scan of my carotid arteries by the Vascular Studies Unit yesterday; the neurologist reckoned the check was worthwhile as it’s possible my symptoms were caused by blood starvation to my brain(?) from constricted arterial flow.

Turns out my blood flow is just fine, which is good to know, I suppose; the downside is that it’s another alternative to MS excluded. Still, yer gotter larf, intcher?

Upcoming: electrodiagnosis of my visual function at the Electrophysiology Department on 19th December and, in a spirit of urgency, another appointment with the good Dr Ormerod at the Eye Hospital on... 26th July 2007. Hopefully, all the results from my bloods will be back in by then.
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Well, the neurologist seemed a decent enough chap; at least he didn’t pretend to any knowledge, let alone certainties, that he didn’t have. His general approach was that my Event most likely was MS-related, but that it could also have another cause and could they do some more tests on me?

I turned down the lumbar puncture he offered - there’s no way I’m having one of those unless it’s absolutely necessary. He wasn’t pushing it in any case; it was more in case I was looking for potentially greater certainty of whatever nerve related horrors that might turn up. As [ profile] ramtops pointed out, even if I had the thing and it turned out to up my probability-of-MS from 50ish% to, whatever, 80%, there’s still fuck all they can do about it.

I consented to the other tests: circulatory tests in my carotid arteries (it seems that stenosis thereabouts could be an alternative cause) and some flashing lights / optic nerve datatap thang to get more data on the state of my myelin sheaths (both to be dealt with at BRI when they fit me in for an appointment), and bloods, to be done straight away by a nurse. Five vials full he took, whilst chatting to me about web development and Tony Hancock, for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid and Other Things I cannot recall. [ profile] ramtops did the Hancock joke too when I emerged.

So, more waiting: the doctor said he’d write as each set of results came in, and then call me in for yet another appointment when they’re all in his paws. This will be some time well into 2007 by the probabilities, so I’ll just carry on carrying on largely as though nothing had happened in the mean time.
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Phone call from the Eye Hospital today: the neurologist I was booked in to see on 14th December can, it seems, fit me in on Thursday at 2pm.

Ghods know why they picked me to fill their scheduling gap, but I’d rather get this over quickly so said yes. As previously remarked, I don’t expect anything substantive to come out of the appointment, but you never know.

More at the end of the week, if my brain doesn’t burst first or something...
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Appointment with the neurologist came through this morning: 14th December at the Eye Hospital.

Just as well I’m neither in a hurry for it, nor expecting anything useful from it ;)
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Well, that was the first evidence of chaotic incompetence in the NHS in my brief series of encounters therewith.

After a client meeting in the morning[1] and a trip to Ikeal[2], we went in to the Eye Hospital for my appointment. I was seen pretty much straight away to have a quick vision check; the nurse said she would find my MRI results, bung ‘em in the back of my file and pass that on to whoever was going to see me.

So, we sat and waited for a bit. After that bit, the doctor appeared, with a senior nurse of some description (I don’t do uniform recognition) only to inform us that, nearly two weeks after the scan, the radiologist at BRI hadn’t signed the damned thing off. And had also buggered off out of the hospital.

Since the MRI results were the entire reason I was at the Eye Hospital at all, this was a little vexing. The doctor invited us in for a chat anyhow, to talk about what the results, when they finally materialised, would signify. Or not. It seems that current research suggests that a positive result would predict an approximately 50% chance of an MS episode of some sort in the next 10 years; a negative result (from my base point) would indicate a 25-28% chance of the same - not what I’d call a particularly reliable indicator, then.

While we were talking, the nurse appeared: it seems the errant radiologist had been tracked down and, with luck, we’d get the results in a half hour or so. We wandered off to sample the delights of the newly reconstructed bus station (can you feel the visceral excitement of life in the heart of Bristol here?). After another short wait on our return, the doctor called us back in: yes, I do have lesions; these either being indicative of MS or possibly maybe not.

He’s referred me for an appointment with a neurologist, for whatever good that might do, but that isn’t likely to materialise for months. I reckon I’ll just pootle along as before: there’s not really a lot of point in agonising over something that still has a 50% chance of never even happening and, in any case, the only thing I’m aware of that increases the odds of an episode, should I actually have MS, is stress. So worry is contraindicated, I think.

We consoled ourself with a brief book fix in Waterstones (3 for 2 is a dangerous thing[3]), and Whittards for some Russian Caravan tea[4] and succeeded in hitting the rush hour at its height. Took us the best part of an hour for [ profile] ramtops to drive the six miles home; people do this every day... Mad.

[1] we were sacked. Actually, that’s unfair; they’re spending the year migrating their web presence to an offshoot of their new CRM system - we’ll actually be doing a fair bit of work for them to help manage and stage that migration.

[2] rugs for the hallways; rather fine bright scarlet rugs with yellow stripes. Some bed linen. A corner shelf unit. Nightlights. And [ profile] ramtops found me a little bottle of Elch Blut, complete with a MOOOOOSE!!!! head top.

[3] a bit of a Neil Gaiman fest: Anansi Boys, Stardust and Smoke and Mirrors. Also Singularity Sky, Sophia McDougall’s Romanitas which might be crap but looks quite fun, and A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.

[4] don’t like it much on its own, but mixed 50/50 with Lapsang Souchong it’s wonderful.

[ETA minor fixen as pointed out to me by [ profile] ramtops - an errant apostrophe(’) amongst them; I hadn’t realised I was that debilitated]


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