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Apr. 5th, 2008 03:49 pm
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Approaching College GreenYesterday, I finally finished first-order processing and uploading of the photos I took of last Sunday’s railway path celebration.

Apart from well dodgy blokes in shades, there were Police posing on pushbikes, vegetables, badgers, drummers, a pink souzaphone, a knight in shining armour, and childrins. The weather was perfect, and a wonderful time was had by all. Sadly, and predictably, on Tuesday the Labour group on First Bristol Council, abetted by the Tories, fucked up the Green-amended-by-LibDem motion to protect the path from the ravages of the arsewipes on the WOEP, by proposing and forcing through a wrecking amendment.

Still, if the thing does get stopped, it just gives WOEP more time to consider destroying the Malago Greenway instead. Or as well.

Guided BRT is the wrong answer to the wrong question in pretty much any existing urban area, which presumably explains why the government and its tame quangos are so excited by the things. That and their being bus, and not (still strongly Unionised) rail.

Today, I want shopping. First, to Asda - no, not to support Wall*Wart by buying anything, but to offer the knee of the cargo trousers I wtore on Sunday for repair at Johnsons, who rent a pitch in their market strip. Thence in search of new wholefood/deli experiences South of the river: the deli on Oxford Road was shut (permanently?) and I couldn’t find the one I thought was on Wells Road at all. Ho hum. I returned to North Street and got the bits we needed from the Southville deli and greengrocer, but still no concentrated blackcurrant juice.

There seems to be a terminal shortage of the stuff in Bristol ATM: all that I can find is the Crazy Jack (or whatever its called) stuff that only contains blackcurrant in homeopathic concentrations and is of no use whatsoever. The bog-standard Suma and Meridian juices might still be around on Gloucester Road, but I haven’t seen my holy grail, the little bottles of organic mega-concentrated Meridian juice, since I snaffled the last bottle the Sweet Mart on St Marks Road had over a month ago.

I’d bike up to Gloucester Road now if we weren’t waiting for [ profile] purple_peril, who we’re ferrying up to CostCo this afternoon; she’s late, damnit. Hopefully she’ll arrive in an intact state soon after I post this.

ETA and here she is :)
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Bristol Council announced yesterday that the plan to use part of the Bristol to Bath bike path for bus rapid transit has been “shelved” - not abandoned. This isn’t victory yet, but it’s a cause for cautious optimism. Today’s protest and celebration is still happening!

Timetable for today (times in BST :)

» Cyclists gather from 11am in Queens Square for a 12am sharp departure

» Walkers and trundlers gather at Fishponds, by Morrisons, for a 2:30pm departure, reaching the Bristol end of the path at about 3pm, then heading for College Green for the rally

Be there, or be somewhere else.
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Transforming a linear park joining communities across the city into a linear wall splitting them apart.

The Bristol Cycling Campaign meeting next Tuesday, to start a campaign group protesting the routing of a new guided bus route along the Bristol-Bath cycle path, has outgrown its initial venue and will now be in Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street. Starts at 7:30, and you don’t have to be a cyclist to attend (plenty of Ordinary Non-Lycra-Wearing People use the cycle path and are as threatened by its desecration).

Be there or be somewhere else, but if you’re in the Bristol area (or Bath; the same sort of thing is threatened at the other end of the line), come along if you can. And sign the petition if you haven’t already.

Bus lanes and guided buses, yes, but not at the expense of cycle and pedestrian access, or with the destruction of community space.
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SOHI was going to post this yesterday evening but events conspired against me )

I pootled off on my bike yesterday, going a significant distance for the first time in months: across Ashton Court to North Street and a bit of shopping, then to Temple Meads via Victoria Park and on up the Bristol-Bath cycle path as far as the far end of the Staple Hill tunnel. Then back: my legs getting slightly rubbery and my pace almost glacial by the time I got to our end of the Long Ashton cycle track. Today, my perineum is offering a degree of protest; I suspect my leg muscles will follow suit tomorrow.

Synchronistically, [ profile] ramtops pointed me at a post on [_], the Brissle Noo Meeja mailing list, telling of the latest lunacy from Bristol City Council and associated business interests: “The West of England Partnership, composed of local councillors, plan to use [ the Bristol to Bath railway path ] for a rapid transit bus route from Emersons Green to Ashton Vale, one of four in the scheme. The Bath end of the path is under similar threat.” The guided bus route, if it happens, will apparently be alongside rather than replacing the track, but would inevitably make the thing far less pleasant to use and, as Sustrans[PDF] point out, likely lead to many people returning to their cars instead of walking or cycling.

Presumably they’re counting on cyclists, walkers and ordinary punters using it to walk to the shops in Easton having less clout than the road transport lobby, who would be less than supportive if this sort of thing was tried on, say, Fishponds Road. Anyhow, if you’re remotely as furious about this as I am, there’s an online petition you can sign and, if you’re a sad geek, a Facebook group you can join to offer some registration of your protest.

ETA that Bristol Cycling Campaign have a meeting on this at the Cornubia Pub, Temple St BS1 Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street (note relocation) on Tuesday 5th February 2008 at 7.30. Come and have a rant about First Bristol City Council.


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