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We’ve just returned from Norwich and Harry‘s naming ceremony. And wonderful it (and he) was too; my pictures are on that Facebook thing (that’s where many of the day’s participants prolapse hang out); you’ll need an account there to see them. If you aren’t on Facebook and have no intention to be so, or indeed even if you are, [ profile] ramtopsexcellent photos are on flickr.

Usual please prod if you’ve said or seen anything on LJ I should read applies.

Bak to werk nao chiz chiz (to mix my metaphors)
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On being red
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[ profile] ramtops and I return, from the broadbandless (courtesy v.omit media) wastes of Norfolk, where we’ve spent a very fine five days in the home and company of [ profile] kalunina, her wonderfully charming Harrington Gurney and, for much of the time, Harry’s granddad, Maurice. And, of course, Esk and Ptep who serenaded us across the country on the way to their new home on Saturday. They seem utterly traumatised by the experience, to the extent that they made themselves at home by half-way through Saturday night and only got antsy just before we left to come home, presumably fearing a repeat of Saturday’s forced basket insertion manœuvres. It seems Maurice’s elbow pits are an acceptable alternative for nuzzling to mine.

Anyhow, a splendid time was had by all, I missed being online not the least tiny bit, and I’m going to make little or no effort to catch up with intervening happenings on LJ: please prod if there’s anything I should read.

Happy $WINTER_FESTIVAL to you all.
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In future, don’t drive from Bristol to Norwich, and back again on the same weekend as the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It didn’t help the journey that the Thaab overheated as we arrived in Norwich, having decided to develop a rad leak. A sachet of RadWeld courtesy of the AA seems to have fixed that, though.

That aside, [ profile] ramtops and I had entirely too short a time with Harry and Clare, arriving Friday afternoon and driving back at lunch time today. There’s not much to report, aside from Harry being Enormous, and Utterly Wonderful, and Clare foiling our plan to secrete him away in our bag.

We ([ profile] kalunina, Grandad, [ profile] ramtops and myself) ate lasagne together on Saturday night, and Harry slept with Mac and me on Saturday night, in theory to give an unbroken night’s sleep for his mum. We suspect that she actually spent much of night awake listening in case of a Massive Grand Parental Supervisory Failure that didn’t happen: Harry slept until 1:30, scoffed the first part of the minski provided, slept another couple of hours, scoffed more, had his nappy changed (the first I’ve done for over ten years), gruntled a bit, and slept till morning. It went very well indeed.

So. We’re home, and missing the boy already: there ought to be some way to move Bristol and Norwich closer together.

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