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V for Vendetta [2006]We, belatedly, watched V for Vendetta tonight. Deeply flawed, with some stunningly good parts, but what really struck me was how close UK(2007) is to the film; how much more so, even, than when the film was made.

Who stands to gain from a people living in fear?
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This morning [ profile] ramtops and I went to the monthly slow food market in Bristol; well, we nearly didn't, as pretty much all of Bristol and, yea, the arteries leading thereto were closed off with essentially sod all in the way of prior warning or indication of alternative routes for the half marathon. Not got any problem with people staggering around the streets and (likely) expiring in worrying quantities as such, but a bit of planning and information for those of us uninterested in such things would have been nice.

Anyhow, we bought quantities of good bread, vegetables and an organic chicken (of which more later), oh and two more jars of the truly wonderful rhubarb and chilli jam that we had thought we'd seen the last of for this year.

Home, and a waiting [ profile] agc, who was lurking outside our front door armed only with a UPS and a wodge of cash to exchange for [ profile] ramtops' old G4 power mac. We were also waiting for a guy heading over from Wales to look at our Mitsi FTPO which we're selling and I spent a few interruptions of our lunch (2nd iteration of our beef, barley and veg soup, wth rye and caraway bread from the market. Verr good) trying to guide him and his partner from Clifton, where he'd ended up being squirted out of the chaos that was Bristol, to Long Ashton. Took him for a spin in the car; they went off to look at alternatives at an import dealer, and we've so far not heard back from them. So we've likely not unloaded the thing yet. Know anyone who'd like a black FTO Mivec? :)

Visitors gone, I went to the gym and [ profile] ramtops set dinner in motion. Hence the cognitive dissonance: we ended up eating roast organic chicken, new spuds roast in olive oil and asparagus whilst watching Supersize Me on DVD. Good film; excellent food; only the barest of connection between the two. The DVD is worth checking out BTW, even if you've already seen the feature: there are a wodge of interesting extras on there, including an extended interview - or, rather, discussion - between Spurlock and Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation.

And so to bed. UPS to cable up tomorrow and, hopefully, [ profile] ramtops' 2GB will arrive so I'll be putting that in her G5. Oh, and customer werk of course...


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